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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Tracfone W 175 w/double mintues for life    19.99 + 4.99 S&H

Here's the Deal

Tracfone Motorola W175G   w/ Double minutes For Life

a $50 Double Mintues for life  value already on the phone
Phone alone would cost $14.99
This is a 64.99value

This  is for 1 Double minutes for life W175G  Tracfone

Click photos to enlarge

Click photos to enlarge    

TRACFONE Motorola W175G Cell phone with DOUBLE MINTUES FOR LIFE on it

Phone comes with 20 Minutes and 60  days of service when using on-line activation

  •  Tracfone Double Minutes for Life Phone card,  alone sells for $49.99 at retailers
  • All airtime card Minutes purchased for this Phone Will Double .

    Example  a 60 minute card will now be 120 minutes and 90 days of service.  or 180 minutes if using bonus codes.
    for around 80 dollars a year you can enjoy a minimum of 480 minutes and a year of service.
    or buying a 400 minute 1 year card you can enjoy about 800-1000 minutes for about $100 thats 10 cents a minute. without a contract.

    Also Bonus CODES FOR  ADDING AIRTIME CARDS>   60 Minute card bonuses for  a total of  up to 180 minutes for a 60 minute card.

    NOTE : these phones were purchased on the east coast. 
    Buyer  is responsible to see if there is coverage in their area.         
    Click here Tracfone Coverage Map 
    Please call or eamil me with your area code and zip  I can veryify it for you.

    Sorry, but I will only ship to a U.S.address. 

    I will ship priority 


  • Tracfone W 175 w/double mintues for life    19.99 + 4.99 S&H