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Carb Sockets Rotax 503, 447, 377

These sockets fit on Rotax 503, 447, 377 engines with Bing 54 Carburetors


These sockets / boots Rubber Sockets are Made in the USA and are hand crafted with the finest rubber components and have and outstanding durability and lasting Characteristics   They were developed with Longevity in mind and should outlast the OEM  ones. 

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Carb socket coupler  bushing rotax 503 447 377 bing 54 carbs


Carb socket Rotax  503      $28.00 + 4.99 S&H

Carb socket  503 pair         $56.00 + 4.99 S&H


Born Feb 2007


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


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